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Pederson's No Sugar Bundle - All Whole30 Approved Products

Pederson's Natural Farms

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Okay, y'all, this is the mother of all sampler packs! This bundle includes 10 of Pederson's Natural Farms No Sugar, Whole30 Approved products. You know all those goodies you can't find in your local grocery stores? Yep, it's in this box! 

Includes No Sugar Hickory Bacon (1) and No Sugar Added Steakhouse Smoked Uncured Bacon (1).

Sausage? Well, we're including five types of sausage: Fresh Ground No Sugar Spicy Breakfast Sausage (1), Fresh Ground No Sugar Chorizo (1), Fully Cooked Mild Breakfast Sausage Links (1), a fully cooked No Sugar Kielbasa Rope Sausage (1), and a fully cooked No Sugar Old World Kielbasa Rope Sausage (1). 

You won't have beef with us when you see that we've included Pederson's 100% Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef (1) as well as No Sugar Beef Hot Dogs (1). And, we know it's not beef, but we've also thrown in a package of Pederson's All Natural Ground Bison (1). 

We told you this is the mother of all sampler packs!  

***This sampler contains 10 products total.