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Whether it’s to skip lines, avoid traffic, streamline meal prep, or easily stock your refrigerator, we’re happy you’ve chosen The Simple Grocer. Our motto is “whole living, made simple,” and that’s just what we aim to do! We offer your favorite products, in one place, with free shipping straight to your home! All of our products offer dietary solutions of some sort whether you are Whole30, Paleo, following a Ketogenic diet, Vegetarian, etc.

We require you purchase a minimum of 8 items, but in any combination. And, the more you buy, the more you save! Kid’s birthday party coming up? Stock up on our Whole30 Approved Hot Dogs! Planning a cook out? You can’t go wrong with the No Sugar Kielbasa! Want to impress the family? The No Sugar Petite Ham has you covered! From lunch boxes to pool parties, family breakfast to office gatherings, The Simple Grocer has just what you’re looking for!

Unlike other websites, we are not a subscription service. We have full confidence that you'll love our products, and you'll come back as needed. So, go ahead and simplify your life with The Simple Grocer.

We’d love to see what you create with your purchases from The Simple Grocer! Email us at with your latest creation to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

When you order from The Simple Grocer,  you acknowledge that all items you will receive are frozen items - frozen from the day of packaging. Use By/Freeze By dates are or may be on packages. This date only represents the day that an item should be used or frozen by if the product has never been frozen before. It is the recommendation that all perishable items received from The Simple Grocer remain frozen until use. After thawing of all items, it is recommended that they are cooked thoroughly within 5 days.