Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for Healthy Dads

by Customer Service June 13, 2017

Top 5 Father's Day Gifts for Healthy Dads

Our dad’s gave us the gift of life, so this Father’s Day, what better gift could we give him than adding a few extra years to his?  If you’ve got a health conscious dad in your life, you can’t go wrong with one of our top 5 Healthy Dad Father’s Day Gifts!

  1. STEAK - let’s be honest, Dad doesn’t want another tie to wear one time only to be hung in his closet untouched for eternity. Get Dad what he really wants this Father’s Day - STEAK! Think inside the box on this one... order a box of 4 Western Grassfed Beef Ribeyes from The Simple Grocer! These 12oz. ribeyes are 100% Grass Fed Beef and are gluten free, born & raised in the USA, Paleo Approved & Certified Paleo, contain no sugar (perfect gift for diabetic dads), no antibiotics or added hormones, and will ship right to your door!
  2. FITNESS TRACKER - If you’ve got a tech savvy health Dad, a fitness tracker is a life altering Father’s Day gift. Fitness trackers have been proven to help increase daily movement, aid in creating healthy sleep habits, and can be a key component in improving overall health. There are many great brands and styles out there, so do your research, and you’ll be able to find the perfect fitness tracker for any dad!
  3. ATHLETIC SHOES - Ditch the typical work shoes and get dad something that’ll really get him up and moving! We have yet to meet a dad that doesn’t enjoy unwrapping a box of brand new sneakers! From running shoes to training sneakers, get Dad a comfortable pair of shoes for his favorite workout, and you’ll help encourage him to add more fitness to his daily activities!
  4. GYM MEMBERSHIP - Has Dad been saying he wants to get back in the gym but just hasn’t taken the leap yet? Take the leap for him and get him a membership to his favorite gym in town. Not only will Dad be able to get his workout on in his favorite gym, but he’ll be able to meet up with some friends and have some sweat infused guy time at the gym.  
  5. FOAM ROLLEROk, ok, so now we’ve gotten all the gifts to encourage Dad to get up and move it, but he won’t be moving long if he gets sore after every workout. Foam rollers are a key part to a fit Dad’s warm-up and cool-down routine. Rolling before and after exercising increases circulation which helps the body get ready before a workout and recover afterwards. Rolling also breaks down muscle knots, preventing soreness and increasing range of motion.

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