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Simple Is Summer

by The Simple Grocer April 28, 2021

Simple Is Summer

We love our summers to be simple.  Having quality products in our fridge ready for the next grill out as family and friends gather together is simple. Quality products are the key to the best grilling experience. The Simple Grocer offers the best. 

Instructions on the best grill / bbq / cookout:

  1. Have Quality Meats on Hand
  2. Fire
  3. Enjoy with friends


Selecting 8 of your favorite items to bundle is a perfect way to prepare for your backyard cookout.


Our favorite bundle for cookouts is the Butcher Bundle:

What's so special about Pederson's Farms' Meat Cutter's Kitchen Fresh Pork Bundle? There are a number of things. Pederson's is continuously looking for ways to reduce waste and promote environmental stewardship.

How does this bundle reduce waste? This new offering is Pederson's answer to the pork belly shortage felt globally. Because of the wild popularity of bacon, the demand for bellies is at an all time high. This creates both waste (of the rest of the hog) and sky-high prices. So, Pederson's sought to solve the problem. Using the whole hog gets rid of the waste, brings down prices, and allows Pederson's to produce more of everyone's favorite breakfast food: bacon. It's a win/win/win for the environment, our consumers, and the industry.

With environmental stewardship being at the forefront of Pederson's priorities, this is a true farm to fork experience! This fresh pork comes from Duroc sired pigs raised under Pederson's watchful eye from the time of birth. As you've come to expect from Pederson's, these hogs are housed in open pens with deep bedding and room to romp, frolic, and engage in natural behavior. They are fed a well-monitored diet free of animal by-products. With no growth hormones or antibiotics administered, these pigs grow slower than those at industrial “farms,” and we’re quite alright with that. It’s a better life for the pigs and produces the best pork we’ve ever eaten! 


This box includes about 17 pounds of high quality, incredibly delicious fresh pork per box.

This bundle contains:

1 - whole tenderloin

1 - sirloin roast, boneless

3 - 4pc package 3/4" pork chops, bone in (12 bone in chops total)

3 - 4pc package 3/4" pork chops, boneless (12 boneless chops total)

3 - 3pc package country style ribs, boneless (9 country style ribs total

1 - 1pc back rib, bone in

This pork bundle is sugar free, gluten free, lactose free, MSG free, soy free, and Paleo and Keto friendly.


The Simple Grocer
The Simple Grocer


We are committed to offering products containing the most simple, natural ingredients.

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