I am *this* close.

by Amy Carroll March 16, 2017

I am *this* close.

Today, I am absolutely, positively, 100% exhausted. Today, I'm so over healthy eating. Today, I do not want to cook, but I'm starving. My temptation to just order a pizza and call it good is at an all time high. So, instead of caving to my cravings, I'll just blog about it to help keep me accountable. Maybe I'll forget I'm hungry & tired by the time I'm done? Seriously doubtful but whatever.

I've been way absent. I know it. It weighs on me daily, and, yet, I still don't blog. I have done really, really well, though! Cheating and failure are not why I've gone silent because I actually haven't been cheating! In fact, I've conquered a 6 hour car ride, a weekend, a 7 hour day trip out of town, and most of Spring Break. SPRING BREAK, y'all! I've got a 13 and 14 year old at home all day every day, and they need to be entertained, or they might die of boredom. <insert sarcasm and an eye roll> And, they're not particularly into this healthy eating shenanigans. 

But, I've stayed on track despite it all. On both my long car ride and my 7 hour day trip, we chose Chick Fil A. It may not be a home cooked paleo-ish meal, but it's still paleo-ish, none the less. I had grilled nuggets and a fruit cup. Not too shabby when those damn traditional nuggets and waffle fries are staring me in the face. And, man... that traditional Chick Fil A chicken sandwich with extra pickles and mayo... I could go for a few of those right now. 

Other meals have included Thai green curry over cauliflower rice, homemade meatballs (made with Pederson's Ground Italian) and tomato sauce over Explore Cuisine's Edamame Spaghetti (courtesy of my sister), poblano topped chicken with Spanish style cauliflower rice (also courtesy of my sister), grilled butterfly pork chops with sautéed cabbage and Pederson's No Sugar Bacon, and Western Grassfed Beef's ribeyes on the grill. I actually have pictures of the meatball making process on my DSLR, but I've just been too busy running around this week to load them on my computer and type up an official recipe. (I also have a photo of one of my Chick Fil A meals on my phone. Ha! But, that's pretty uninspiring... see it up top. And, yes, I asked for pickles, stacked them with my nuggets, and dipped them in a little mayo in an effort to mimic that chicken sandwich I mentioned up there.)

So, yeah, I've done well despite my absence. In fact, I weighed this morning, and I'm down 10 pounds! I am beside myself thrilled with that. I know, I know... you shouldn't measure your progress by the number on the scale. Feeling better should be the goal, blah, blah, blah. But, I'm not even going to pretend right now. I want to lose weight, and I will continue to weigh myself to see my progress. I can definitely tell a difference by other indicators, as well, but weight loss is my first goal right now. Aside from the weight loss, I can tell that I have so much more energy. Mornings are much easier for me. There's a little skip in my step that hasn't been there for a while.

Why, then, am I so tired today? Why am I *this* close to speed dialing my favorite pizza place in town? Well, my darling husband is a journeyman lineman, and he got called out to work at 2:00am this morning. Of course the phone call wakes me up, but the worry keeps me up. Even if I drift back off to sleep, I'll startle awake and have to text him to check on him. If you're not familiar with what a journeyman lineman does, basically, they work with a medium that could kill them with the tiniest incorrect movement. So yeah... I worry about him. Anyhow, after startling awake again at 4:50 this morning to check on him, I was never able to go back to sleep. Bummer. And, with just coming off this time change, it's like really 3:50am. Right? 

Instead of being up cooking, I'm laying on the couch with this laptop on my lap typing away as my husband watches Grumpy Old Men on the other side of the couch. It's 5:30pm. If I don't get up and get moving pretty quick, a reasonable dinner hour will come and go, and I will become even more desperate and weak the later it gets. So, I'm going to attempt to talk myself into satisfying my cravings in a healthier way... Pederson's Ham Strips and pineapple pizza on a cauliflower crust. Perhaps I should put Eye Of The Tiger on repeat? You think that would help?

I'll report back... at some point. Ha! And, I promise I'll share some of the recipes I've already made and haven't posted... just let me make it through Spring Break! Pretty please? :)


Amy Carroll
Amy Carroll


Hey there! I'm Amy, and I'm here to share my attempt at healthy eating with you during the month of March. Now, if you came here thinking you were going to read the tales of a Whole30, Crossfit rockstar, you are sorely mistaken. I'm not even Paleo. Or Keto. And, I don't even work out... like... ever. I eat dairy. I'm just looking to find a healthier me by finding healthy alternatives to my everyday struggles.

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