Hi there! I'm Amy. Follow my Paleo-ish lifestyle during the month of March!

by Amy Carroll March 01, 2017

Hi there! I'm Amy. Follow my Paleo-ish lifestyle during the month of March!

Hey there! My name is Amy, and I'm here to share my attempt at healthy eating with you during the month of March. Now, if you came here thinking you were going to read the tales of a Whole30, Crossfit rockstar, you are sorely mistaken. I'm not even Paleo. Or Keto. And, I don't even work out... like... ever. I eat dairy.

Now, I have been that person in the past. This is me in 2013 after completing my first Lurong Living Challenge which entailed 9 weeks of strict Paleo and consistent Crossfit workouts. Y'all, I was cuh-razy! I ate, breathed, and slept being a health nut. Seriously... I did not cheat one single time of that 9 weeks until, oh, I think it was 8 weeks 5 days in. But, that's a story for another time. During my waking, non-working hours, I was working out. I'd go for a 15 mile bike ride every day during my lunch hour. I'd Crossfit in the evenings. And, I went to bed by 9pm (at the latest) every night. No joke. Thinking back on it all, I'm like... who was that person? Because, you know what? It's certainly not me now!

Don't get me wrong. That was the best I have ever felt in my life. Hands down. I had SO much energy. I never got sick... not even a sniffle. I was motivated in other areas of my life. My house was spotless. I cooked every night. I was more joyful and... well... content. I was a rockstar. But, then summer rolled around. That really shouldn't have anything to do with it, but I am a summer bum! Swimming, golfing, tanning, grilling, hanging out with friends, late nights, and beer. A beer tastes no better than on a hot summer day. So, I guess I got too busy living life and having fun to notice that I was slowly slipping away from all of my good habits. And, I've never been able to find the motivation or discipline since to get back on the right track.

Fast forward 4 years, and here I am. I'm at least 35 pounds heavier, and I ate hamburgers & french fries for dinner the past TWO nights in a row. Y'all, seriously. What is wrong with me? And, that's not even the worst of my eating habits. I'll tell you exactly why I made poor dinner choices the past two nights. I knew I was going to be chronicling my eating habits starting March 1. So, I totally spazzed out and decided to indulge before I was committed to something better. That's the truth. Ask my husband. Monday night when we got home from golfing, I said to him, “hey babe, let's get Sonic for dinner. I'm about to have to start telling everyone what I ate, so I need one last hurrah.” Yep. That's what I said. And, then, I had another “last hurrah” the next night. And, yet, here I am telling on myself anyway.

But, that's what you can expect from me this month. I will fail. I will fail miserably. And, I will choose bad things with no regrets some times. I firmly believe that you have to be in the right mindset to consistently work out and eat healthy. I'm not in that mindset just yet. But, that's what I'm hoping this transparency will do... encourage me & push me to strengthen my resolve to finding a healthier me.

Anyhow, I am here to find solutions for myself and my husband. I will tell you more about our struggles in future blogs. I know this will likely not be helpful to those that are already on the right track... those that are currently rockstars. But, let's face it, we are not all rockstars. My hope is that even just one person will take away one encouraging bit of info or new habit by the time my month is over.

I'll tell you why The Simple Grocer makes sense for me. Back four years ago, when I was strict Paleo, I remember picking up literally every package of bacon in every surrounding grocery store. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. had sugar listed in the ingredients. Thus, I had to give up bacon. Since then, Pederson's Natural Farms has developed an entire line of No Sugar pork products. Back then, I never could have dreamt of the day! So, that alone obviously appeals to me. Couple that with all the other products The Simple Grocer carries (like Western Grassfed Beef, Wiseman House Chocolates, and Explore Cuisines organic protein packed pasta alternative), and I have found so many solutions in one place. Living in a small Texas town with only one grocery store, all those healthier options are not available to me. TSG makes it simple! (Pun intended??)

So, I hope you'll check in with me throughout the month. Keep me accountable. Find encouragement. See how my Paleo-ish lifestyle works for me. Read about my failures. You don't have to be “all in” to find a healthier you! Baby steps, y'all, baby steps. That is my mantra right now.

To kick things off, let me share how I've done so far today. 

Breakfast: Fail. I'm rarely very hungry in the mornings, so I have a hard time making myself eat even though I know I should. So, when I started to get a little hungry at about 10am, I had a piece of sharp cheddar cheese. Yep. That's it. Can you even call that breakfast?

Lunch: Win. I mean, it wasn't extravagant by any means, but it worked. Not every meal has to be gourmet. Not every meal has to be work. So, remember how I said I'd eaten hamburgers & fries the past two nights? Well, we had leftover grassfed beef patties from last night. (We cooked those ourselves, so not quite as bad as the night before.) Anyway, I just warmed up one of those bad boys, topped it with mashed avocado, and a slice of Pederson's No Sugar Bacon. Easy peasy, delicious, and filling! Bacon & avocado is hands down one of my favorite combinations! I did have to cook a package of bacon, but I just put the leftovers in the fridge and will send some to work with the hubs along with some hard boiled eggs for breakfast for the rest of the week. Two more easy peasy meals! Yay! 



And, in the interest of sharing things that make my life easier, check out my favorite pan! I can cook an entire package of bacon on this thing at ONE time! *swoon*

That's all for now. Now to decide what to have for supper. :)

Until next time,



Amy Carroll
Amy Carroll


Hey there! I'm Amy, and I'm here to share my attempt at healthy eating with you during the month of March. Now, if you came here thinking you were going to read the tales of a Whole30, Crossfit rockstar, you are sorely mistaken. I'm not even Paleo. Or Keto. And, I don't even work out... like... ever. I eat dairy. I'm just looking to find a healthier me by finding healthy alternatives to my everyday struggles.

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Dana Grady
Dana Grady

March 03, 2017

Great read Amy! You inspired me! I need some of that bacon ❤️

Jennifer Shull
Jennifer Shull

March 03, 2017

Hey old friend! I enjoyed reading your blog, and I will be following it! You know me—I have been consistently living a semi-healthy lifestyle for many years. I have worked out consistently for most of my adult life, but nothing hard-core. I love my chocolate and sweets, but I have always tried to pay attention to ingredients and avoid the really bad stuff…Lately I am on a bit more of a health kick. I ate kefir this morning for breakfast, yes, kefir, and I have beets and a sweet potato in my lunch box at the moment! I am very interested in The Simple Grocer information. Anyway, I have thought about doing something like your blog myself….maybe? Until I get the gumption to do it, I will just converse on yours. Anyway, wish you lived closer and we could adventure together and even do some turbo-sculpt together-ha!

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