Day 2. What have I gotten myself into?

by Amy Carroll March 02, 2017

Day 2. What have I gotten myself into?

Okay, y'all, it's March 2, and I'm already kinda panicking. Here I am with my TSG box. Anyone that knows me would know that the face I'm making is a, "what the hell did I commit myself to" face. I can see it in my eyes. It's like... when I saw that thing on my doorstep, my initial reaction was to be super stoked. Then, it sunk in. Wait, wait, wait. I'm officially committed.

With all that said, I personally feel okay with my choices yesterday. Breakfast wasn't a win, but the rest of the day worked out pretty dang well.

Last night's dinner: Win. After ho humming about what to have for dinner until about 6pm last night, I decided to adapt a paleo Thai Red Curry Recipe found HERE. It was SUPER yummy, and even my good ol' boy husband liked it. Between him thanking me and complimenting it no less than a dozen times, I personally think I knocked it out of the park.

On to today, though. Let's just talk about my choices today.

Today's breakfast: Fail. Again. I just wasn't hungry, so I didn't eat... not even cheese. Nothing crossed my lips this morning besides black coffee, activated charcoal toothpaste, and regular toothpaste. (Not at the same time. And, yes, I am trying the activated charcoal stuff to whiten my teeth. The closer I get to 40, the more insecure I'm becoming. Issues. I have issues.)

Today's lunch: MASSIVE fail. I had sushi, y'all. I know, I know. And, really, I don't think sushi is just inherently bad for you unless you order two rolls smothered in spicy mayo. And, then, after you eat all of both rolls, you continue to lap up any remaining spicy mayo on the plate with your finger. <hangs head in shame> Does it help that I've had these lunch plans with a friend for a good week? Or, is that just an excuse? Because, I certainly don't want to just make excuses. That's how I've wound up where I am.

Today's dinner: Win! I'm really proud of this one. It took quite a bit of planning on my part, and I am not a planner. We're having a good ol' fashioned pot roast. So, ya know, I had to think about dinner at breakfast time in order for it to be done on time. That really is a win for me. 

All I did was throw a grass fed beef roast into the crockpot with some potatoes, carrots, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and Western Grassfed Beef Bone Broth. Check it out HERE. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's as delicious as last night's supper. Because, can I be honest with y'all? I've actually never successfully cooked a pot roast. Nope. I've always managed to screw them up. So, we shall see! Maybe I shouldn't call it a win yet.

So, as you can see, day 2 has been a little rough for me. I've had a couple fails and (hopefully) one win. BUT, if I'm being honest, it's better than I had been doing. Remember Sonic for dinner, anyone?

Anyway, I'll report back tomorrow about the pot roast. And, I'm really hoping to get to sit down a little earlier in the day so I can give y'all some more of our background.

Until next time,


Amy Carroll
Amy Carroll


Hey there! I'm Amy, and I'm here to share my attempt at healthy eating with you during the month of March. Now, if you came here thinking you were going to read the tales of a Whole30, Crossfit rockstar, you are sorely mistaken. I'm not even Paleo. Or Keto. And, I don't even work out... like... ever. I eat dairy. I'm just looking to find a healthier me by finding healthy alternatives to my everyday struggles.

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