Animal Welfare: Changing the standards

by Customer Service June 26, 2018

Animal Welfare: Changing the standards

Pederson’s Farms is one of our oldest and most supportive partners. Their purpose is “to promote the health and well-being of the everyday consumer by producing food they can feel good about feeding their families.” Along with Pederson's, The Simple Grocer knows that feeling good about what you're feeding your families doesn't stop at what's on the label. Being good stewards of their land and treating the hogs with dignity is a major contributor to feeling good about the food we choose to offer, as well! Here at The Simple Grocer, we pride ourselves in maintaining relationships with partners and consumers who have strong moral and ethical values.

We are excited to hear that Pederson's recently released the news of their Fresh Pork Program. The goal is to decrease their ecological footprint by increasing sustainability and reducing waste. To make it even greater, they are taking it one step further and aiming to change the standards of animal welfare all together.

They’ve recently acquired several pig farms so that they can personally oversee the care and quality of the life of the pigs from the time they’re born. They believe that the ethical treatment of animals is one of the most important aspects in farming.

Here at The Simple Grocer, we are very proud to work so closely with Pederson’s Farms. The genuine care that they have for their animals reminds us everyday that good quality companies are hard to come by. We seek to have a long, solid relationship with Pederson's Farms, and we're excited to watch them continue to grow and change the industry for the better!

After a third party audit, Pederson’s has been assigned Global Animal Partnership Step 1 (GAP Step 1). This means that they follow the “no cages, no crates, and no crowding” rule. More specifically, there are no farrowing crates or gestation stalls. They have bedding at all times and space to move about freely and express natural pig behaviors. Tails are never docked and teeth are never clipped. How amazing is it that?

Global Animal Partnership defines animal welfare as three overlapping components that, together with good management and genetics, contribute to good farming practices and exceptional animal welfare.

-Health and Productivity is first. They focus on raising animals so that they’re healthy and productive with good quality feed and water, shelter, while being free from disease, illness, and injury.

-Natural Living is next. They believe in raising animals in environments that allow them to express their natural behaviors effectively- both indoors and out.

-And lastly, emotional well being of the animals. They raise their animals in environments that allow them to express their ability to be inquisitive, happy, and playful.

The Simple Grocer is pleased to work with a company that shares our values from farm to fork. We always have and always will work with companies that have strong and ethical core values. This is our commitment to you!

"We have a moral and ethical obligation to the care and well-being of our animals.  We continue to invest in and implement care practices to ensure daily care needs of the animals are met.  We are dedicated to animal welfare at all levels of products.  All of the pork used for our fresh pork program comes from Duroc sired pigs under Pederson's control from the time of birth." - Pederson's President, Cody Lane

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